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October 8-11, 2013

Hosted By:
RPC Radiy

29 Geroyev Stalingrada St.,
25009, Kirovograd, Ukraine

Announcing the 7th International Workshop on Application of FPGAs in NPPs.

Date: October 14 - 17, 2014
Host: The Electronic Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Please stay tuned for more information and registration details.

Download official announcement here.

We are pleased to announce that the 6th International Workshop
on the Application of FPGAs in NPPs will be held on October 8-11, 2013,
in Kirovograd, Ukraine. The workshop will be hosted by Research
and Production Corporation Radiy in cooperation with the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The workshop builds on the success of the previous meetings, which were held in:
2008 Chatou, France, hosted by EdF
2009 Kirovograd, Ukraine, hosted by Radiy
2010 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, hosted by AECL/McMaster University
2011 Chatou, France, hosted by EdF
2012 Beijing, China, hosted by CNNC/CNCS

The agenda of the 4-day workshop will include technical presentations, panel discussions, and
exhibits. We also plan to review (and potentially further develop) an IAEA draft document titled
“ Application of FPGAs in I&C Systems of NPPs ”

The previous five FPGA workshops attracted a significant interest and had a broad representation
of utilities, vendors, regulators, and research organizations. This years program will include
a regulators panel discussion. The purpose of the discussion is to share regulators views
on FPGA as a technology providing diversity for implementing digital I&C solutions for safety
and control systems. Applicable standards and various regulatory approaches are also
expected to be discussed. The panel discussion will cover a number of pre-selected topics,
with the help of a moderator.

As for previous workshops, no registration fee or advance paper submissions are required.

Examples of expected technical areas to be covered are:
  • Benefits and challenges encountered
    in FPGA applications
  • Methods and tools for application
  • Methods and tools for verification
    and validation
  • Lifecycle of FPGA-based platforms,
    systems, and applications
  • Regulatory perspectives on FPGA
    technology, licensing and standards
  • Specific standards for FPGAs
  • Qualification and certification
  • Diversity provided by FPGA-based
  • FPGAs as prototyping tools
  • Cyber security
  • Operating experience
  • FPGA-based modernization of I&C
    systems and components
  • FPGA-based systems installed in
    operating NPPs
  • Potential future applications in operating
    NPPs and in new NPP I&C designs

If you wish to attend the workshop, please go to the Registration page to complete
the online registration. We will also ask the registered participants to review
the draft of the IAEA publication under development, and provide their comments during the workshop.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 6th FPGA Workshop
in Kirovograd.